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why me

Joe Siligato/WeOwnPhilly

We (The People of Philadelphia)

Own (Ownership of the right real estate can build wealth) 

Philly (A place that all people can call home)

We Own Philly is about the dynamics of a City and the exuberant people that call  Philadelphia home. 

I am just a facilitator that makes owning or selling a property a dream come true.

I became a realtor in 2009. Starting my licensed real estate career at Caldwell Banker. I was a top producer and sold over tens of millions of dollars in real estate. Most recently, May 2017 I left Caldwell Banker  to join Keller Williams. 

Prior to CBP I was a successful builder and developer in the Philadelphia area. I  developed, owned, and managed several residential, mixed use, and commercial properties. I have a  background in building and bring a fresh perspective to real estate. My clients are mostly pleased with my knowledge of the construction of homes, old or new. This is a great benefit to both buyers and sellers. 

Additionally, I can offer financal guidence. I previously worked in the mortgage industry, as a loan originator and the owner of a mortgage company. When clients work with me, they are hitting the tri-fecta. What other agents have you met that come with this type of experience? 

I have the ability to set realstic expectations with my clients by providing insight from past experience. Buyers and sellers for the most part appreciate my opion and guidance, because i wants what's best for them.

Whether you're a buyer or seller, having a real estate agent with my knowledge and expertise is an extremely valuable asset.

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